Why BIP?

  • Firm Culture – Buckhead Investment Partners has developed a culture of professionalism, expertise, service and innovation that is rapidly gaining notoriety among investor and wealth management communities alike. BIP is a “flat” organizations where collaboration among professionals is the norm.
  • A Better Client Value Proposition – We’ve spent a number of years researching the high net worth private investor market. We’ve identified four key areas that high net worth investors highly value: sophistication of investment approach, financial planning, tax planning, and quality of service. At BIP, our advisor-partners offer distinct advantages to clients in each of these key areas.
  • Security, Integrity, Strength – The trust you have developed with your clients is one of your most valuable assets, and you won’t put it at risk at BIP – rest assured. The BIP brand has never been tarnished by such things as derivatives scandals, self-dealing or misrepresentation of products. Nor have we had to sell out to a competitor in desperation. Our balance sheet is strong, we are profitable, and we continue to grow in ways that do not put our advisor-partners at risk. We’re not building BIP to sell it, publicly or privately. Rather, we are committed to long-term growth and service to our clients.
  • Seamless Transition – We have significant experience in assisting advisors in transitioning their practices to our platform in a way that minimizes client disruption. We have developed a process for everything one might think of – from client onboarding, to training on new systems, to reducing tax implications from transitioning portfolios, and more.